Be Careful Of Scams When Scouring The Internet For Apartment Rentals

Those of you searching for  Boston Luxury Apartments will find that there are plenty of choices out there. This is especially the case if you are browsing the internet to find a new apartment in Boston. You will likely find some high-quality Fenway Apartments that are available for rent right away. But there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when you use the internet to locate an apartment for rent. Lately, there have been some online scams that target those looking for apartments. While the vast majority of offers you will find online are genuine, here are a few things to watch out for.

Requests for personal information.

Some identity thieves put up fake ads for apartments that simply do not exist. When contacted by people who are interested in renting the apartment, they then request personal information, such as a social security number, banking information, employment information, etc. under the false guise that they need to run a credit check to make sure that you qualify for the apartment. The information is then used for identity theft.

While there are some legitimate building management companies that let you fill out a rental application directly on their website, you should make sure that the site is that of the actual owner or management company. A quick Google search can confirm this. Submitting your phone number, address and even email are ok but never disclose any financial information until you are sure that this is the correct person.

Requests for advance payment or a deposit.

When responding to an ad for Boston luxury apartments, fraudsters sometimes ask you to send them a deposit or a prepayment for the first month’s rent via a money transfer service. The problem is, the ad is bogus and the apartment in question doesn’t exist. Scammers which post fake ads and pose as the building owner or their representative also try to lure you in by making claims such as: if you pay for the first three months rent now, we will give you two months of rent free, etc. They may also quote you prices that are below the average for the type of apartment and area, sometimes claiming that they are giving you a discount because you are so “special” to them. In any case, if you send them your money, they will quickly disappear and you will soon find out that the apartment in question never existed.

Don’t fall for this. All payments should be done in person in the rental office. No legitimate building owner or rental company will insist that you send them money in advance by a system like Western Union or Money Gram.

Keep in mind that scammers often use pictures copied from other sites on the internet in their ads and some may even send you official looking (but bogus) documents to convince you to give over your information or money to them.

A native of Boston, I always felt a great affection for the city and its people. I consider myself to be always concerned with the way people treat his city. My background in real estate shows that I am committed to bringing the people and the city together for more than just the paycheck. I am huge Red Sox fan and will occasionally take my clients to games in Fenway Park. It is commitment to the city has taken me to write in several publications throughout the years about the real estate environment in Boston. Also, I am an advocate for those companies that offer the highest quality real estate in the greater Boston Area. I feel that this is the way to give back to the people that truly respect and enjoy the city.

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Furnished Apartment Rentals – Rules, Regulations, Tax Laws

You would learn many things as you enter this business. The most important of all is of course the law and how it applies to you when you become a landlord. You will find in this section a brief outline of what you need to know and do when you plan to rent your home.

Zoning of your home – You need to find out about the zoning status of the area your house is located in and understand the laws that govern it. Contact and discuss with house owners in the vicinity who are renting in that area for a better idea of the local rules and regulations and their correct interpretation. Educate yourself on all the changes that would affect your home.

Learn about the locals laws – You need to look up the Federal Fair Housing Law, which governs the property owners all over the USA. These websites would be very helpful: (USA) and
(Canada). These particular laws outline the points that could be interpreted as discrimination, which would be construed as against the law. This law is further refined in most states and provinces, another reason for which you need to find out the local laws.

Home Owners Association (or strata) – You will find that in addition to the overall letter of the law, you would have another regulatory body at micro level: this is the homeowners association, whose responsibility would be to define rules and regulations for both homeowners and tenants. You would be able to find these documents in the community’s Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R), and these more than anything would be the ground rules you must apply to your rental. For example, in some places the CC&Rs would dictate that the place in a given area should not be rented to senior people above a certain age (say, 65) or students below a certain age (say, 25) without one of their parents. These are rules that are applicable to your rentals and you need to adhere to them.

There are also rules that protect disabled persons. In some areas such a person is allowed by the law to modify your home at your cost to be able to move without inconvenience. At the same time, he or she would be bound to get the house in the same condition they found it at their own cost before they conclude the lease – of course, this would be better applicable to the long-term rentals rather the short term.

Under the disabled person protection, you will also find the clause about pets. Here an animal – such as a dog – is an aide to the disabled person and is trained as a guide for a person with impaired eyesight. In such cases, you need to know that the rules about pets do not apply.

Business License and Permits – Then, you have the licenses and permits. Contact your city’s government officials to find out what exactly you need to apply for under the local laws. There would be a requirement to apply for a permit to rent your home for short-time basis. Fortunately, in most cases, application for license and permits could be done online.

Safety parameters – Safety and health code regulations are very important. In every state or province, there would be certain codes that need to be followed whether you are renting your property for short or long-term. Some examples would be the fire and smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, locking systems and other safety measures. Do not think of these as waste of money; besides ensuring the safety of your tenants and home, this would also contribute in lowering the costs of your insurance premiums. Talk to your insurance agent and identify which criteria contribute to lowering the projected risks to your home, which ultimately contribute to the calculation of the premium.

Local health and sanitation rules – Each city and region would have their own codes so it is important that you find out what they are and comply with these. You will find that in some places there would be rules governing the methods of linen sanitization, maintenance, water testing of pools, spas maintenance, etc.

Sales Tax – You would also need to check out with the local tax office about the taxes from the rent you receive. The sales tax is additional to the rent that you charge your guests. Your role would be to collect this sales tax and deposit it with the relevant government office.

Slava Kandakou is Managing Director at Golden City Rentals, Vancouver’s leading provider of furnished apartment rentals. Contact us for more info on furnished apartment rentals in Vancouver, furnished house rentals, and Vancouver corporate housing.

Can You Find Cheap Apartment Rentals In New York?

Searching for an apartment in The Big Apple? Touted as one of the most expensive cities in the world, people tend to think that getting suitable accommodation in New York is a very expensive affair. However, it is assuredly not so because nowadays, there are a lot of apartments that can be rented at extremely affordable rates.

For instance, if you are going to be in town for just 3-4 days or at most a week, then it is useless to spend your money by booking a room in a hotel. The suitable alternative is to opt for the bed-and-breakfast facility which is available for short-term rentals. This facility will cost you a lot less than a hotel and will maintain your privacy at the same time. Bed-and-breakfasts are available all over the city including Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

Planning a vacation in New York might be very costly on the whole. Visiting museums and art galleries, sightseeing, and shopping will require a lot of money, especially when you are shopping in a posh city like NY. If you can minimize the cost of accommodation, then you can use the extra cash for indulging in other activities.

Apartment rentals in New York are ideal for vacationing with your family. You can rent them for a period starting from 3 to 35 days. These apartments are fully furnished with facilities like cable television, linens, and kitchen utilities. You can enjoy the comforts of a hotel room at much cheaper rates. Don’t be under the misconception that the decor will be shabby. The rooms are tastefully decorated and will be reminiscent of your own home. You have the choice of studio apartments or places with as many bedrooms as you wish. Apartments near the airports are also available for your convenience.

If you are a working person or a student, then it is imperative that you find good housing for yourself since you will be staying in the city for a while. Sharing a place with a roommate is the ideal choice for a student as it will split the rent evenly. You might want to add a personal touch to your home by furnishing it yourself. There are various unfurnished apartments available for this purpose.

They even provide properties for companies who are looking for proper housing accommodations for visiting clients. The properties available are meant to suit every taste and budget as they believe in blending comfort and class in a unique way.

Metro-Homes Properties offers luxurious New York apartments for rent. Visit us for more details!

Apartment Rentals Near The Major Highlights In St Petersburg

If you want to enjoy the diverse culture and attractions of a beautiful Russian city, then check out apartment rentals in St Petersburg. Not just in Russia, but St Petersburg is a lovely destination in the world. The various offerings of the city will just mesmerize you. Regarded as Northern Venice of Russia, St Petersburg is a perfect place to spend vacation. St Petersburg’s entire impact is lavish whether it is the Gulf of Finland vistas, architectural work, rivers and canals, attractive streets, lush parks, and varied accommodation conveniences. If you are planning a holiday in this highly prolific city or you ant to relocate here, you must arrange for your accommodation before hand. One of affordable types of accommodations in St Petersburg is rental apartments. You will cherish your memory all over your life, once your visit the SPb. Check out some of the major attractions of the city.

Palace Square
A prominent attraction of St Petersburg that is divided into two different portions. The constructions of Winter Palace and Hermitage Museum’s Baroque are placed on one portion, while the other one features the constructions of Classical yellow and white former Russian army General Staff. Within the close vicinity of this attraction, you will find excellent rental apartments, outdoor cafes and market.

The Winter
Palace and the Hermitage MuseumThis is an awesome attraction near the Neva River banks in the city. Based amid a beautiful surrounding, The Winter Palace and the Hermitage Museum looks stunning with its combined effect of white, gold and green. You can experience the detailed art in every part of the construction, which was developed as the residence of Catherine the Great. The nearby locations of this attraction feature some excellent apartment rentals.

St Isaac’s Cathedral
This is another landmark attraction of the city. The huge golden dome of the Cathedral is prominent in the skyline of the city. Visitors love to view the wonderful sight and also offer prayers. The accommodating capacity of the cathedral is 14,000 worshippers. You can find accommodation near this attraction and reside amid a peaceful environment.

Nevsky Prospekt
This is a famous street in the city that is five kilometers long. The popular roadway starts at the Admiralty, passes through the Moscow Railway Station and reaches the Alexandr Nevsky Monastery. Stroll down the street and view some amazing sights of the city such as famous churches, shops, eateries, intersecting rivers and canals and exciting works of architecture. Near these attractions of St Petersburg, you can also find some exciting rental apartments and other accommodation varieties.

Peter and Paul Fortress
This is a fortress, which was developed by Peter the Great to ensure protection against the attacks of Swedish army. Situated on the Neva Delta, the fortress is now a popular museum of St Petersburg where the visitors flock in all year round.

St Petersburg is a rich city of palaces, museums, meandering canals, and wide avenues. It includes a wide variety of creative and architectural resources combined with plentiful attractions such as theatres, movie theatres, art galleries, music and concert halls, and much more. People of all ages will find SPB an attractive destination to live and spend vacation. All these aspects have given rise to the number of tourists and residents of the city. The increasing demand of the city has also increased the prospects of accommodations. Apartments for rent in St Petersburg are hugely in demand along with mini hotels and hotels.

If you have any plans to visit SPb area, then our agency can provide good help on apartment rentals in St Petersburg and other travel services.

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Apartment Rentals for a rest-time

For business or pleasure, there is a preference for apartment rentals comparing to hotel when staying away from home in a UK city

Apartment rentals offer a different getaway experience; staying in an apartment is often more akin to a home-away-from-home experience because it affords you the anonymity and privacy not always found in a hotel, where a check-in desk and the presence of other guests can make you feel very much like you are on someone else’s territory.

Most apartments have a minimum stay requirement, usually two or three nights, and rates per night are generally lower the more nights you book in a row. Prices vary depending on location – both location of the actual city in the UK, and the location of the apartment you’ve chosen within a certain city.

Expect to pay from around 160 GBP upwards for two nights’ usage of a decent one-bedroom city-centre apartment outside of London without any discount. As with most travel and accommodation, It is possible to get cheaper rates if you go for a last-minute deal, but there are no guarantees. Also, be sure to investigate an apartment’s occupancy capacity. Bedroom quantity doesn’t necessarily indicate how many people the accommodation will sleep; sofa beds are often available for those that are happy to sleep on them.

All UK cities have apartments available for short and long stays, but there are more in the highly popular destinations, such as Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, York, Manchester and London.

Why not have a relaxing city break in a self-catering apartment, and feel less like a tourist for a change? Apartment rentals offer all the mod cons, and you will feel at home away from home. You could take in a weekend in York for example, and enjoy the historic buildings and huge Minster at the heart of the city, and experience the eclectic shopping scene which is a mix of high street favourites and specialist independents, sample some of the many excellent pubs and then eat in the restaurant quarter, retiring later to a cosy apartment which is all yours for the weekend.

Or if you haven’t already, why not try a city break in Glasgow, one of the most cultured and exciting cities in the UK? There’s something for everyone in Glasgow, with every kind of restaurant cuisine, great bars and clubs, a vibrant music scene as well as opera, ballet and classical music delights from the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, the National Youth Orchestra and the BBC Symphony Orchestra.


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Help With Apartment Leasing Marketing Ideas

There are tons of different apartment leasing marketing ideas in use, but not all of them are considered to be excellent ones or even effective, for that matter. If you own an apartment community or any other type of rental, you may want to investigate your options for hiring a professional team to implement the very best apartment leasing marketing ideas today for you.

You could just stick with putting advertisements in the local papers, but when potential renters are not in front of that paper, they are going to forget your phone number, forget the name of your complex, or just forget about it altogether. In addition, there is a very large amount of people searching for a new place to rent that do not have subscriptions to any newspaper- how are you going to advertise your rental units to those renters who wont ever see your ad?

This is exactly why apartment owners and managers call on professionals to figure all of this out! They have all the knowledge, tricks, tips and resources to reach renters far removed from the number that newspaper ads ever would. They can put rental ads up on the Internet, for example. From national rental websites to local electronic classified ads and everything in between, these companies are the reason for the success of so many apartment complexes, units and communities.

But the benefits of hiring out for your apartment leasing marketing ideas dont end there. For every rental ad or campaign that is created for your property, the information is going to be able to be sent to dozens of the most popular rental sites, classified postings, photo videos, coupon fliers and discount books, tracking reports and more. If you want to do just a couple of listings, they can do it. If you have 100 listings, they can take care of all of that too! A good company will be able to handle an unlimited number of listings quite easily. All you should have to do is contact them and let them know whats on your mind.

If you ever worry about needing to make changes to rental ads that your company sends out for you, relax! You should always choose a company that allows you to edit your ads at any time. After you do make the changes you want to your advertisements, it should take no longer than 24-48 hours before they are reflected in all of the publications to which they were sent to begin with.

One last note about your ads that you need to clear with anyone you hire for your apartment leasing marketing ideas- you need to find out if your ads are going to be printer-friendly. This is something that many customers do not think of right away, but the company you hire should be right on it. You want your ads to be printer friendly, of course, so that potential renters can save them as PDF files and print them out for their information. You want to be able to print them out too for hard copy distribution purposes.

For more information on apartment leasing marketing ideas, please visit our website.

Check Apartment Reviews and Ratings Before Renting an Apartment in US

Checking online ratings and reviews should be the first step in an apartment search. If you are on the hunt for a new apartment or rental home, there are a few things you can and should do before you ever leave the house or spend a single penny on searching for a new place.

First of all, you need to search online sites to see if there are comments or reviews about a potential rental property. Many places are members of real estate groups that allow for ratings posted by current and former tenants. This is one way to eliminate places right in the beginning. A history of problems with the building or the property manager can eliminate a potential property very quickly.

Another thing you can do before you make an appointment to see a property is to check local area message boards for people who have lived there or know people who have. It only takes a few minutes and you could learn a lot about a potential property.

Online review sites make it possible to not only eliminate certain properties from your list but you might even find a few to add. Sometimes it’s worth looking at a place where current and former tenants give it glowing reviews even if you are otherwise unsure of the property.

The advantages to looking for reviews should be obvious. You can save a lot of time by knowing what to expect. You can also save problems later on down the road. Often knowing what to expect in advance can go a long way in making problems easier to handle.

If you are a parent or a pet owner, you can check to see how both the landlord or building manager and the other tenants view both children and pets. You can also check for amenities such as dog walks or playgrounds close to the area. Naturally those who want to rent their property to you are going to show it in the best light possible. Other tenants and past tenants tend to be more open and honest about potential problems.

It’s important to remember that a bad review or two should weigh no more than an equal number of positive reviews. Sometimes the tenant was the problem. Either way, it should give you some insight into the property before you waste your time and money on a visit.

In many cases it is also possible to take a virtual tour of the property and amenities. This can also help narrow down your visits to potential properties. If all the apartments are the same and you have seen the virtual tour then you already know if you are going to like it.

Checking out potential apartments online has many advantages and no disadvantages. It’s a first step that everyone should take when searching for a new apartment.

Check apartment reviews and ratings before renting an apartment in U.S Read and write reviews at

Sandton Apartment

Looking for an apartment in Sandton can be a painful and frustrating procedure as there is so much to consider and a large variety of options available. It is a time consuming process finding that perfect Sandton apartment that you have always dreamed about and often you end up settling for less than you dreamed about due to the large amount of time that the search consumes out of your day.

To find that perfect Sandton apartment without wasting time on looking at apartments that simply do not meet your requirements or driving around looking for suitable places on offer simply find an expert that will do all the searching work for you. There are professionals available to help you find that dream apartment with everything that you are looking for whether it is a fully furnished apartment, a short term lease or even an apartment that you would like to buy.

Sandton has a number of fully furnished and well decorated apartments that are on offer. These apartments are well situated and you are almost guaranteed easy and quick access to a wide variety of businesses in Sandton city as well as a gym in the area. A wide variety of restaurants are also in close proximity and easy to reach. Some of the features that you can come to expect in a fully furnished apartment are a flat screen television, digital safe, a washing machine and full satellite. Secure parking and access to a pool are also usually added bonuses.

For more information on Sandton apartments that are available to lease or buy contact The Smartest Spot. With years of experience in the business as well as knowledgeable professionals that can assist you, you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for without any hassle. That dream apartment can become yours without spending hours searching for your ideal home.

Sandton apartment

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Apartment Sharing

People today want to live a more comfortable and easier life. This is why some people eagerly opt for apartment sharing. 555 renthelps in this option of sharing accommodation. Apartment sharing helps individuals to live a more peaceful life in the context that it reduces financial burden to a very great extent. These days property rates have gone very high which has resulted in high amount of rent charging for an accommodation. Individuals who are starting their career with a new job cannot afford to pay such high rents at the start of their career. It is difficult for them to incur such heavy rent expenses at the initial stage of their new jobs. Hence 555 renthelps find such apartment sharing option to such individuals. Not only the amount of rent is shared but they get other advantages too.

555 rentlistings help you to get an agreement done, in which individuals may agree on certain terms and conditions before accepting apartment sharing. In case of individuals who are new to each other, a written agreement for apartment sharing should be made to avoid problems that may arise in the future. The rent as such is definitely shared by the individuals, apart from that sharing is done of other things like domestic work, paying of telephone, electricity, laundry and grocery bills, etc.

People who are leaving their families for the first time due to their jobs and coming to a new place experience a sense of loneliness and they become homesick. For such individuals, apartment sharing is a boon in disguise to remove that loneliness and to become a stronger person emotionally. Students too now opt for apartment sharing due to lack of good hostel facilities provided to them by their educational institutions. One of the key aspects where this type of accommodation sharing is really helpful is during medical emergencies. Though your family is not present during such medical crisis, your roommates will be able to help you in all possible ways, whether it is in case of taking you to the hospital, or buying medicines for you.

555 renthelps you in selecting roommates too. If possible try to collect some necessary information about your room partners so that apartment sharing becomes a blessing to you rather than a curse. After all each one is a different individual having different likes and dislikes. Also the individuals should discuss about their friends and visitors who would visit them so that it doesnt create any sort of disturbances to their sharing partners. Be sure that the sharing of the rent amount is discussed very clearly and to the point because it is the prime factor for which you are ready for apartment sharing. If there is any sort of confusion regarding this issue it may create trouble between the partners, which is not good in the long run.

555 rentgives you a whole list of apartments that are let out on sharing. You can take a look at the ones that are available in the area of your choice and make a selection.

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Chelsea Ny Real Estate – A Rental Guide To Chelsea Apartments

Chelsea NY real estate offers the residents several opportunities to live in a part of the city that offers several amenities and activities. The area is spread over a large part of west Manhattan from 5th Avenue and Broadway up to Hudson River and from 14th to 34th Street. There are several smaller neighbourhoods within Chelsea and each has a very distinct feel. The Meatpacking District, Flatiron district and south of the Penn Station area are all located in Chelsea. The neighbourhood is gay friendly and has a very diverse population that consists of residents in their 20s and 30s as well as an older crowd and art lovers.

Building Options Available in Chelsea

Chelsea NY real estate offers a diverse range of building options which is one of the main benefits. From luxury high rise buildings and expansive lofts to low rise walkups, you would be able to find something that is suitable for every need. The prices too are quite diverse and depend mainly on the section of Chelsea that you select to live in and the kind of building you choose. Some of the residents prefer to stay in south Chelsea since the apartments there are cheaper than renting or buying in West Village.

Why Choose Chelsea?

One of the main reasons why a large number of people today choose Chelsea NY real estate is because of the options that it offers. Some of the luxury apartments in the area offer all the amenities that one would want with beautiful, spacious living spaces and several entertainment options close at hand. On the other hand, those who are looking for something that is inexpensive and cheaper than some of the other areas in the city will also find several good options in Chelsea. For example, south Chelsea offers apartments that are cheaper and are thus chosen by a lot of young professionals and fresh college graduates. The area also offers a lot of good amenities for entertainment and recreation along with a good nightlife.

Things to Remember

Before you apply for a property on rent in the area, you will have to learn about a few rules and regulations. For quite a lot of apartments no smoking and no pet rules apply and so you will have to confirm it with the landlord before renting. You will also be required to keep the apartment tidy and it would be best to confirm what would be included in the apartment as well as the kind of fees that you will have to pay other than the rent. If you clarify these basic points with the landlord earlier, there would be no problems later on. Chelsea NY real estate offers diverse options so you would be able to find something that fits your budget as well as your needs.

To know more about Chelsea NY real estate and other real estates in NYC, please visit